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Vitaflash Lifting & Firming Ampoule

Vitaflash Lifting & Firming Ampoule

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The Vitaflash ampoule is a product for occasional use. It contains Collagen, Elastin, Mimosa Extract, Vegetable Tensor and Vitamin C which provide an instant lifting effect, unifying skin texture and brightness.

It exercises an instant lifting effect, softening wrinkles and expression lines. With a powerful antioxidant effect, it brightens and reduces the signs of tiredness and fatigue, providing a softer, younger and more relaxed appearance.

Vitaflash ampoules with flash effect stand out for being a powerful vitaliser of skin tissues. They help to erase signs of fatigue and stress whilst providing an immediate lifting effect, smoothes the skin and visibly attenuating the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

In a few minutes, the skin looks firmer, smoother and brighter. The key lies in its formula, which is based on a high concentration of ingredients with moisturising, tensing and brightening properties.

Skin type

▪ All skin types


5 Ampoules x 2 ml

Frequency of application
▪ Use 1/2 in the AM and half in the PM
▪ Can alternate with other ampoules


▪ Fine and moderate wrinkles

▪ Sagging

▪ Dull skin

▪ Oxidative stress

▪ Young, mature and aged skin (+25 years old)Photoaged skin


▪ Instant lifting effect

▪ Brightens and reduces the signs of tiredness and fatigue

Softens wrinkles and expression lines

▪ Provides a softer and younger look

▪ Antioxidant effect


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