Welcome to the Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre!

If you are new to cosmetic injectables & would like a 30-minute consultation to discuss your options (including skincare & treatments), select the Consultation option from the options below. We can then book your treatment for another time if you wish to proceed.

If you're ready to book a treatment, please select your preferred appointment from the options below.

NB: all treatment appointments begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss your aesthetic options. 

We offer an SMS reminder and confirmation service, and you will also receive email reminders prior to your appointment, giving you ample time to reschedule if necessary.


Deposits are required via credit card at the time of booking for all treatment appointments. This is fully redeemable off your treatment.


If you are sick or have any cold or flu-like symptoms, please follow the link in your email to reschedule your appointment ASAP.

Please follow all NSW Health requirements when in the clinic.

Please remove all makeup before attending your appointment as this is an infection risk.

Please come to your appointment alone where possible. Our clinic operates with laser machines, chemicals and needles and is therefore not suitable for children.

Injectable & hayfever treatments can only be performed on people over age 18, who are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

    For further information or to clarify anything regarding appointments, please contact owner/registered nurse Angela on 6372 1949.