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Sensitive Skin Topical Ampoule

Sensitive Skin Topical Ampoule

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The Sensitive Skin ampoule is an intensive daily treatment enriched with Sugars, Natural
Botanical Extracts and Vitamins (B5 and C) which lead to exceptionally calmed and relaxed skin.

This intensive treatments soothes, protects and revitalises the skin’s natural barrier, reducing sensitivity. It hydrates the skin and prevents loss of water, thus improving skin
texture and elasticity.

▪ Sensitive skin
▪ Damaged skin
▪ Dehydrated skin
▪ Hypersensitive skin
▪ Tingling and itchy warm skin

▪ Soothe, protect and revitalise skin
▪ Hydrate and prevent loss of water
▪ Have an antioxidant effect
▪ Improve skin texture and elasticity
▪ Reduce skin sensitivity

Skin type
▪ For all skin types

▪ 15 vials x 2 ml

Application frequency
▪ Once or twice a day
▪ For very sensitive skin, apply as many times as necessary throughout the day

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