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Lipo Proteoglycans Ampoule

Lipo Proteoglycans Ampoule

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The Lipo Proteoglycans ampoule is an intensive daily treatment that acts from the first application: it deeply hydrates and brightens the skin.

It contains Proteoglycans of natural origin and active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes that allow them to act on different layers of the skin.

Deeply hydrate, preventing transcutaneous water loss, stimulate the production of collagen, increase skin firmness and prevent the signs of cutaneous ageing.

Skin type
▪ All skin types


15 Ampoules x 2 ml

Frequency of application
▪▪ Once in the morning every day

▪ For very damaged and/or dry skin, apply as many times as necessary to soothe the skin


▪ Dry and dehydrated skin

▪ Damaged skin (stress, cold, hormonal changes, sun)

▪ Dull skin


Short term

Hydrate skin

▪ Provide a brightening effect

▪ Provide nutrients to the extracellular matrix

Long term

▪ Provide a restorative effect

▪ Prevent the appearance of wrinkles

▪ Stimulate collagen synthesis

▪ Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

▪ Improve the skin’s general appearance

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