Fat Dissolving Treatment

Effective, non-surgical treatment to remove fullness under chin and stubborn pockets of fat.

Fat-dissolving injections, made of a synthesised deoxycholic acid (similar to that found in the digestive system), are injected into fatty areas, breaking down fat cells. The result is a slimming of the treated area, preventing destroyed fat cells from regenerating.

Noticeable improvements can be seen in three to four treatments, four to six weeks apart.


Per session - small area

Per session - large area

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  • After Care

    • Immediately after treatment, ice or a cold compress can be applied to the area treated to reduce pain and swelling. Continue as required for the first 48 hours

    • Do not take anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, or Vitamin E, for 24 hours after treatment. Panadol can be taken for any pain or discomfort

    • Massage the area that was treated for the next 3-5 days to enhance even spreading of PTC. It is also recommended to have radiofrequency (RF) therapy, to assist with skin tightening in the treated area

    • Commence exercise and normal activities after 24 hours

    • Make sure you report any increasing pain, redness or signs of infection

    • Drink lots of water for the first 24 hours after treatment


For most patients, any side effects of fat-dissolving injections are temporary and limited to the injection site. Side effects can include some redness and swelling.