Beauty Reclaimed is home to the revolutionary Emsella chair.

Operated by our trained nurses, the Emsella is committed to tightening your pelvic floor muscles & treating urinary incontinence.

The Emsella is a specially developed chair, which helps treat urinary incontinence & pelvic floor issues, particularly post-childbirth, as well as working to improve sexual health & function.

The Emsella uses high-intensity-focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to rapidly connect & improve pelvic floor strength - it delivers 12,000 pelvic-floor contractions in just 28 minutes.

Treatment is non-invasive & fast.

We recommend six sessions over three weeks, with two 28-minute sessions per week to maximise results.

Contact us for a consultation.


Consultation $99

28-minute session $199

6-session treatment package $995 (sixth session is free)