How the Emsella is changing the face of pelvic health in Central West NSW

Mudgee’s Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre is helping rural men and women reclaim their lives, thanks to the success of one of the Central West region’s only Emsella chairs.

The chair, which uses revolutionary technology to boost pelvic floor strength, is improving patients’ urinary and sexual health with just one visit, diverting clients from expensive surgeries and ongoing medical treatment.

Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre owner and registered nurse Angela Winters said dozens of people had already recorded successful results from the Emsella, reporting regular appointments had helped them reclaim their confidence and lifestyle.

“For many Australians, urinary incontinence is a hidden condition that dominates their life - it affects around 40% of women and 11% of men. It often prevents them from living their life to the fullest,” she said.

“The Emsella chair is single handedly transforming people’s lives.

"We’ve seen patients go from really struggling with their pelvic floor, to noticing an instant difference in their bladder leakage and pelvic muscle strength. It’s allowing them to go back to things they love, like regular exercise and long walks, and removing so much stress and worry from their lives.

“It’s also diverting patients away from expensive treatments, and ongoing medical visits, and even surgery. They no longer need to travel for treatment or put off intervention because it’s too difficult or time-consuming - we’ve got a simple, non-invasive treatment, right here in the Central West.”

Mudgee Emsella patient Sharan said the chair had already drastically improved her pelvic floor strength:

“I feel things are tightening really well. My bladder prolapse is reducing, my muscles are stronger and my bowel is improving too. There’s definitely much less leakage and accidents.”

The Emsella chair uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to rapidly connect and improve pelvic floor strength. Put simply, the chair works by boosting the performance and activity of the pelvic floor muscles, helping clients achieve results faster.

It is ideal for people suffering from stress urinary continence, which causes leakage when there is pressure on the bladder, and urge urinary incontinence or a sudden urge to urinate.  

It is also recommended for men, who have had prostate surgery, or are suffering from erectile dysfunction, along with women experiencing pelvic floor difficulties after giving birth.

A typical Emsella session takes just 20 minutes and is non-invasive (users remain fully clothed) and is pain-free. 

Treatment is available at the Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre - click here to learn more and book.

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