Get your skin autumn ready

It’s taken us a week or so to get over the fact that summer is over - because if you know us, you know we love the warm weather, daylight savings and weekend sundowners! But now we’ve started to come around to the idea of Mudgee in autumn, we’re actually pretty excited.

Cosy weather to snuggle in front of the fire, spicy red wines, cute winter fashion - there’s so much to look forward to about the cooler months ahead.

One thing we’re not excited about? The harsh effects of the cold on our skin. From correcting summer sun spots to prepping your routine to protect and hydrate, our Mudgee skin clinic has all the tricks you need. Gorgeous, glowy autumn skin - here we come!


Say goodbye to sun spots

After spending months in the sun, it’s common to have notched up some sun damage on your face. But dull and dehydrated skin doesn’t have to stick around - in fact, with some simple steps, you can get your skin back to its old self - maybe even better!

At Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre Mudgee, our go-to technique for radiant skin is our laser skin therapy, which is a real winner for treating pigmentation, sun spots, and signs of ageing. It also promotes collagen and elastin production for improved skin texture and tone. The light from the laser transmits heat into the skin, which targets dark colouring.

The laser then shatters the pigment, drawing it to the surface and allowing the dermis to begin its own natural healing. The result? A beautiful, even complexion.


Ditch the lacklustre skin

When it comes to giving your skin some TLC, exfoliation is essential. To improve lacklustre skin, our Mudgee beauty clinic recommends using products with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which have anti-inflammatory properties that can boost blood flow to the skin, while fixing pale, dull complexions. We’re loving products like Toskani’s Anti-ageing + HA Ampoule and Purifying Exfoliating Mask.

As autumn progresses to winter, your skin might need more regular attention to ditch the dead and dry top layer. For this, we go straight to our trusty epidermal levelling treatment. The holy grail of sprucing up your skin, this treatment uses a flat blade to remove dead skin cells & any fine hairs.

You don’t just get glowing, silky skin with this treatment, it also allows for a deeper penetration of serums and rich moisturisers - and who doesn’t want that?!


Pep up your skin with peels and masks

A long summer followed by harsh, cold weather is a recipe for dehydrated skin. Autumn is the time to start packing your skin with hydration and nourishment. After sloughing away your damaged summer skin, we recommend a good mask or treatment to kick off your hydration mission.

For at-home solutions, give Toskani’s Clarifying Peel Booster a go to stimulate cell regeneration, and improve pigmentation irregularities. Our Mudgee skin clinic’s range of skin peel treatments are another indulgent way to plump and freshen your skin post-summer.

Treatments like our corrective de-sense instant relief treatment, photo-ageing peel, or spot-out treatment are designed to reduce signs of ageing and sun damage, while restoring skin tone and radiance. They also make great follow-ups to our laser skin therapy.

And for something that’s totally tailored to your specific skin problems, the Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre Mudgee offers skin consultations and packages for long-term solutions.


Hit your skin with some hydration

All these skin hacks are great, but they won’t pull their weight without a heavy dose of hydration. With the colder months coming, it’s vital to stock up on thick, occlusive moisturisers to lock in your skin’s nutrients. If you’re currently using a gel or foam cleanser, it might also be worth considering switching to a milk or cream cleanser to kickstart your hydration from the very first step.

A couple of products we adore over autumn and winter are the Bioline Nourishing Cream Tetrapeptide, which has a rich texture and heavier formula that melts into the skin, and this soft, ultra-delicate Milk-Cream Cleanser.

Of course, there’s another method of hydration - the inside-out approach. To really drive home your skin’s health, drink plenty of filtered water (aim for 8+ glasses per day) and ensure you’re consuming five portions of fruit and veg daily.


Put skin on your self care list

For lush, supple skin, we like to think of skincare as a crucial part of our self care routine. Just like we enjoy warm baths, scented candles, and a cosy night in, skincare gives you a luxurious, confident feeling that’ll warm you right through to next summer!

Get in touch with nurse Ange and the team to book a treatment or skin consult, and get your skin sorted this autumn.

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