Why a skin membership is the smartest beauty investment you’ll make…

We all know the secret to good skin is consistency, consistency, consistency.

Regular skin appointments, combined with a solid at-home skincare routine, are key to keeping your skin looking healthy (and happy!) all year-round.

But just like any regimen (healthy eating, gym, self-care) sometimes we fall off the wagon, and it’s difficult to maintain the routine - and keep it going long-term.

That’s why at Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre in Mudgee, we’ve introduced Aglow skin memberships to help take the guesswork out of regular skin maintenance.

Think of Aglow as a gym membership for your face! You pay a weekly fee that contributes towards regular skin treatments, so there’s no excuse to miss an appointment.

Prioritise & budget for your skin

Our memberships are designed to allow our clients to truly prioritise their skin, setting aside time & money to ensure they maintain consistent appointments and treatments. And in a cost-of-living crisis, a membership structure helps to break-up your skin investment, so you can plan ahead for your treatments as part of your weekly budget.

Personalised treatments

Each membership is personalised to our clients’ skin goals & needs. Looking for a long-term plan to tackle pigmentation? Want to stay on top of pesky acne break-outs? Just want to schedule regular self-care time? Our memberships are tailor-made for your needs, making our clients accountable to themselves - and their skin!

Salon benefits

For our Beauty Reclaimed team, our Aglow memberships allow us to work closely with clients to achieve their skin goals. We’re able to customise a plan, set realistic goals & timeframes around results, and help clients intimately understand their skin concerns. It’s this approach that delivers the best results.

By investing in consistent appointments, specifically tailored to their goals, our clients can see a noticeable difference in their skin #lovethatforyou

Plus, we love fostering long-term relationships with our clients - and our memberships allow us to really forge a strong connection with our clients & their skin. We like to think of ourselves as partners in your skincare journey - and we’re with you every step of the way!

Long-term commitment for long-term results

Good skin isn’t a one-off endeavour, it’s a life-long journey. Sure, a single treatment can deliver great temporary results, but for lasting improvement, consistency is key. Our memberships are designed to ensure you’re maintaining results for the long-term, giving you healthier, clearer skin for years to come.

Exclusive perks & inclusions

Even better, our memberships come with a host of other fab benefits - it’s our way of saying thanks for committing to BRCC and your skin! You’ll enjoy 10% off all full-priced products, priority booking, exclusive invitations to VIP events, a special birthday gift and more.

Make a commitment to your skin with our Aglow memberships!

Not sure where to start? Click here for some amazing ready-made plans - a package for every skin goal!


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