What to know before your first cosmetic appointment

Your first appointment at a cosmetic injectables clinic shouldn’t be nerve-wracking or off-putting. That’s why at Beauty Reclaimed, we work hard to make you feel comfortable, confident, and the best version of yourself. If you’ve not tried cosmetic injectables or don’t know what to expect, here’s everything you need to know before your first visit to the clinic.

An experienced practitioner

Make sure your injector is an experienced, qualified practitioner. Angela has trained as a registered nurse, along with working as a clinical nurse educator and clinical nurse specialist. 

Angela has continued her nursing career in Mudgee, while also opening and working in her Beauty Reclaimed clinic. Angela holds both a Nursing Degree from the University of Newcastle and a Masters Degree in Advanced Practice Nursing with Distinction.

Safety every step of the way

Each treatment session starts with a total facial assessment to identify any areas of concern, followed by a consultation with a highly-qualified Cosmetic Medical Doctor via telehealth. You will be fully assessed for your suitability for the proposed treatment and encouraged to ask questions.

Someone who cares

Angela will make the whole process simple. The whole ethos of Beauty Reclaimed is to leave you feeling calm, confident, and assured in your treatment plan. Angela is dedicated to getting the best result for each individual client, with subtle cosmetic injectables that preserve natural facial movements for a refreshed, healthy look.

Education & reassurance

Angela’s wealth of knowledge really shines when you join her in the clinic. She knows the answers to your frequently asked questions and she’ll tell you honestly what you can expect from your treatment. If you’re wondering what treatments you might be interested in - and what they involve - head to the Beauty Reclaimed Instagram page to see Angela’s tutorials, tips, and sense of humour to put you right at ease. 

Some FAQs…

Will my lips look huge after getting lip filler?

No, they won’t look huge! However, some swelling, bruising and stiffness is very common post-treatment, especially on the lips as they are a delicate area. Angela always checks in with her patients post-treatment to see how they’re feeling.

Just remember, patience is key - most swelling/bruising will subside after about 48 hours. To minimise swelling, pop some ice on the injection site, avoid heat and exercise for 24 hours after treatment, and drink lots of water to keep your body well-hydrated.

Do I need to leave time between vaccinations and filler treatments?

Yes, you’ll need to leave two weeks between your vaccinations and any filler treatments. This ensures the vaccination has ample time to stimulate an immune response in your system and minimises the chance of any potential side effects, including additional facial swelling.

How long should my treatments last?

Every person - and every face - is different. It’s common to see the peak effects of anti-wrinkle treatments at two weeks and then it slowly wears off over eight to 12 weeks. Angela recommends regular treatments throughout the year to maximise your results and maintain longevity to your regime.

Will everyone know I’ve had work done?

So many of our clients are concerned that people will know they’ve spent a little time in the treatment chair. If you’re worried your friends, family or colleagues will be able to tell you’ve had some fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, we’re here to tell you not to worry! 

The underlying goal of every Beauty Reclaimed treatment is to achieve a natural-looking result. That means no “trout pout” or super tight, stretched-out skin - just a refreshed and rejuvenated look. On top of that, Angela is committed to her secret-keeping, so if discretion is what you’re after, you’ll find it at Beauty Reclaimed. Angela will never disclose anything without your permission.

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