Self-care time guaranteed during June & July at Beauty Reclaimed


When the weather cools down and daylight savings end, we often start to feel those winter blues creep in.

It’s harder to get up in the morning, more difficult to exercise in the evening and before the sun rises, and there’s an overall sense of just “meh.”

That’s why self-care is more important than ever in the cooler months. It’s essential to set aside time every day for a little ‘me’ moment. Whether it’s starting off your day with meditation and a cup of tea in the sunshine, or a walk around the block before the evening routine kicks in, making time to relax, reset and recharge is critical - even when you don’t feel like it.

At the Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre in Mudgee, we’re doing our bit to support our clients’ quest to carve out some self-time with two special offers during June & July. Both deals are designed to provide much-needed TLC, while also benefiting your skin and overall health.


10% off laser genesis facials

We know the cold Mudgee weather can be trying on your skin. Many of our clients struggle with dry, dehydrated skin in the winter months, despite keeping up their regular skincare routine. 

As the winter chill sets in, we recommend clients invest in a series of laser genesis facials, designed to give the skin a serious collagen boost. Our laser machine - the ev+ - is the industry-leading device for laser treatments, and is world-renowned for delivering outstanding results with minimal downtime.

At Mudgee’s Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre, we’re home to the only ev+ machine in the mid-west, making our clinic a coveted spot for high-quality laser treatments. While the laser machine is fantastic for targeting specific skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, scarring and skin tags, it is also ideal for creating refreshed, youthful-looking skin in just a few treatments.

The laser genesis facial offers all the relaxing vibes of a traditional facial, while also giving your skin the ultimate collagen boost. We pair every deluxe facial with a light skin peel, tailored serums and LED therapy, to maximise your skin’s glow. Regular laser genesis facials help ensure your skin looks plump and healthy all-year-round.

The Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre Mudgee is offering 10% off all laser genesis facials throughout June & July. Use code GENESIS10 for 10% off your treatment when booking. Book here to start your journey to gorgeous skin!


10% off massages

When it’s cold and miserable outside, there’s nothing better than getting under a cosy blanket, listening to relaxing music and letting your troubles fade away with a glorious massage.

At the Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre, we’re proud to offer a range of relaxation massages, courtesy of our new beauty therapist, Hannah. A massage specialist, Hannah’s treatments are designed to relieve tension, while leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The clinic is now home to both traditional full-body and head massages, along with the unique Lava Shell massage. An alternative to the popular hot stone massage, lava shells can radiate heat for up to an hour, allowing our therapists to provide a continuous, warm body massage #solush Lava Shell massages also help boost blood and lymph circulation, soothe aches and pains, and reduce swelling and water retention, while giving you 100% relaxation. 

Therapist Hannah will also be offering Indian head massages, which are well-known for boosting hair growth. These massages help stimulate the hair follicles, promoting strong, shiny hair, while also loosening any tension in the scalp. 

To celebrate Hannah’s arrival, we’ve taken 10% off all massages with her during June & July. Use code MASSAGE10 at check-out when booking. Book your treatment here.

For more information or questions about the ideal winter treatments, get in touch - our team is always here to help.

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