Non-cosmetic surgical procedures - and why we can’t say the word that rhymes with “r-injector” any more


As many of our clients are aware, things have changed significantly in the Australian cosmetic beauty industry over the past few months, in light of new regulations.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which governs how cosmetic doctors/clinics advertise, has put new rules in place about how we can communicate with our patients.

We know the new laws might seem confusing/painful, but they have a BIG impact on our business. It basically means Beauty Reclaimed is unable to promote/imply that we offer services that use “scheduled” medicines, including many of our most popular cosmetic treatments.

The TGA has ruled that clinics cannot market these kinds of treatments in any way to new or returning clients. This means we have to change how we communicate with you and the general public.

PS If you see other clinics still advertising the old way, they’re actually breaking the law and can be reported and fined.

What does this mean in practice?

The main changes are around what information can be shared. You’ll notice big differences on our website, social media channels or if you contact the clinic.

We can no longer advertise Beauty Reclaimed’s list of services/treatments that use scheduled medications

What happened previously

In the past, Beauty Reclaimed had a list of treatments on our website including ‘anti-wrinkle treatments’, ‘fillers’ etc. Our Instagram posts would sometimes discuss these topics by name, and show pictures of needles, the treatments in action etc.

What’s changing

We’re now only able to advertise ‘consultations’. Instead of patients picking and choosing treatments from a menu or website, the focus is now on having an in-depth conversation with the team in a scheduled consultation session.

You will see these changes reflected in the wording on our website, the removal of all old posts around these treatments on Instagram/Facebook, different wording around these treatments on our social media moving forward, and on our booking platform. These treatments will now appear as “non-surgical cosmetic procedures” in all our communications.

Prices can no longer be advertised

The TGA has determined that showing prices to patients can potentially tempt them into having unnecessary treatments. Therefore, Beauty Reclaimed’s price list for non-surgical cosmetic procedures will not be available on our website, treatment menu, or social media.

Prices and products can still be discussed during an in-person consultation, but our team can’t discuss pricing, products etc with prospective patients, unless they book a formal consultation.

So please understand - we’re not being difficult if you ask us about it, we just can’t give out this information any more!

We can’t use any images, including before and after shots, that showcase the use of scheduled medicines

Many of Beauty Reclaimed’s patients have previously (and kindly!) consented to showcasing their before and after images on social media. This was done to allow new patients to get a better understanding of what treatments can do, and to demonstrate our natural-looking results and style.

The TGA no longer allows us to share these images, along with any photos depicting a non-cosmetic surgical procedure in process. All these images have now been removed from our social media, website, treatment menu and other communications.

What will I see when I book?

All non-surgical cosmetic treatments are housed under the heading “non-surgical cosmetic options” on our booking platform.

There are options for advanced treatment planning - this refers to a consultation for a new client, existing client (to complete forms etc) and for follow-up. Clients should pick the appropriate option and book a time for a consultation/appointment. If you’re unsure of how to book, please contact the clinic.

Will these changes affect Beauty Reclaimed’s business?

As you can imagine, this will have a huge impact on Beauty Reclaimed’s ability to advertise on Google and social media, and will have long-term impacts on our business. Updating all our existing communications materials, including our treatment menu, external signage and website has also come at considerable cost.

If you would like to help, please consider the following:

Refer your friends: the best new bookings for any business come via a word-of-mouth referral. Share your positive experiences with the Beauty Reclaimed team with your friends - it’s hugely helpful and would be greatly appreciated ♥️

Post a Google review: loved your treatment with us? Share a Google review - reviews about our non-surgical cosmetic treatments are allowed to be posted on a third-party website under the TGA guidelines.

Thank you for your ongoing support - we appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes.


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