Look forward to a hair-free summer with Beauty Reclaimed’s IPL hair removal treatment


Warmer weather means lounging by the pool, summer dresses, and lazy days in your cossies - there’s no time for unwanted hair!

That’s where Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre’s new IPL hair removal treatment comes in. You can look forward to a hair-free summer after a few hair removal sessions, courtesy of the Venus Versa - the clinic’s new magic machine.


But how does it work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light - a treatment that uses strong pulses of light to achieve results. The Venus Versa’s IPL works for hair reduction by directing light at the pigment in the hair, causing a burst of heat that damages/kills the cells behind hair growth.


Why is it better than other forms of hair removal?

It all comes down to time and results. IPL hair removal lasts longer, is virtually pain-free, and is quicker to undertake - no need for rigorous daily shaving routines or painful waxing!


Does it hurt?

No. We compare the sensation to the feeling of an elastic-band flicking against your skin or a splatter of hot oil. IThe good news is the Venus Versa works quickly so you’ll barely have time to register the sensation. Any pain is normally strongest in the first treatment - the less hair there is, the less painful it becomes!


How long does IPL hair removal take?

A jiffy! Real-time: about 15 minutes.


How many sessions are needed?

We recommend a minimum of six sessions to maximise results.

Results can also depend on your hair growth cycle. Just like your skin, your hair has a growth phase, a rest phase and a shedding phase. One of the main reasons you need to repeat IPL hair removal treatments is because your hair is not always in the same cycle phase at the same time, meaning sometimes it grows back quicker.

It’s the same as an eyebrow wax or a hair colour - sometimes you’ll get to six to eight weeks between treatments before you start seeing grey or unruly hairs; other times, it’s four weeks and you’re already seeing regrowth. 

To get rid of hair permanently, you have to chase the cycles, which means you need up to six treatments, six-weeks apart, to maximise results.


Who is suitable for IPL hair removal?

We often get asked if all skin and hair types are suited to IPL hair removal. Most experts advise against IPL for darker skin, as there is a risk of discolouration. Those with light blonde or red hair should also avoid the treatment. The quickest and best results? Those with fine, dark hair and relatively light skin. Clients with underlying skin or medical issues, such as PCOS or thyroid problems, may find the treatment takes longer.


Keen to give it a go?

Mudgee’s Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre currently has 30% off IPL hair removal treatments until August 31 - get in quick to book your session!

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