Advanced treatment planning - future-proofing your skin

Planning for the future - ain’t nobody got time for that.

But just like stocking the pantry, putting money aside for a rainy day, or drawing up your will, planning for your skin’s future is necessary. Because, let’s face it - it’s the only one you’ve got!

At Beauty Reclaimed Cosmetic Centre, our ethos has long focused on the entire lifespan of your skin, repairing the damage of the past, while also creating treatment and product regimes to take your skin into the future.

We want to set up our clients with skin rituals for life, establishing easy-to-follow in-clinic and at-home regimens to maximise your skin’s elasticity and overall appearance, while also giving you a space for a daily self-care moment.

Enter our new advanced treatment planning consultations, aimed to future-proof your skin.

These sessions have been specifically designed to create an overarching skin and wellness plan that is tailored to you and your goals - and delivers results.

For us, it’s never been about a simple “one time” approach to your wellness. We’re firm believers that improving your skin is a journey - it takes a well-paved path of treatments, products and skincare routines to put it in good stead for today - and tomorrow.

Kick off your skin journey with an initial consultation session - an opportunity to plot your overarching goals, hand-in-hand with our expert skin specialists. Our team will work with you to devise a custom in-clinic and at-home skincare plan, with set dates for review.

These plans will be designed to guarantee results (if followed to the letter!) With cost-of-living pressures and dwindling disposable income, we want to ensure that each and every client is getting bang for their buck, and seeing the direct results of their efforts - both in-clinic and at home. Stick to your regime and we guarantee you’ll see improvement - that’s the Beauty Reclaimed promise!

So, whether it's pigmentation, dry skin, redness, or a dull complexion you want to address, or if you just want to get into some good skin habits,  we've got a personalised treatment journey for you.

Start your path to future-proofed skin today - book in for your advanced treatment planning session here.


Book an advanced treatment planning consultation in April 2024 and you'll receive a little gift - one of our new Toskani sheet masks + a Toskani ampoule - on us!

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